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June 11, 2013

  • Absorbance spectra taken of samples prepared yesterday, 06/10/2013
  • Fluormeter computer was down, hopefully spectra will be taken as soon as possible
  • MHA silica-coating procedure completed, spectra to be taken as soon as possible

Absorbance Data

DNA at varied concentrations and ThT at 2.5μM

The larger peaks around 260nm are due to the DNA, while the smaller peaks around 430nm are due to the ThT. These samples will be excited at 430nm to observe fluorescence, and a calibration curve will be constructed.<br.> Abs data 2.5uM ThT and varied DNA.png <br.> <br.>

Silica-coated AuNP comparison

There was no absorbance observed in any of the samples. The silica-coated particles may have been too concentrated; they will be diluted and run again tomorrow. The original particles may have been clumped and since the concentration is small, they may not have been detected. They will be sonicated, to separate the potentially clumped particles, and run again tomorrow with some samples of varying concentrations of the original nanoparticles.<br.> Abs data AuNPs and AuNPs@SiO2 06112013.png <br.>