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September 10, 2014


Completing Film Synthesis

Continued from Wednesday, 9/3/2014<br.> Procedure detailed by Dr Hartings

  • Stir in Sodium Sulfate, 1% HCl, and Sodium Bicarbonate solutions

Exchanging Sodium in NaMT for Organic Cation

Procedure detailed by Dr Hartings.<br.> Assuming 92 miliequivalents (meq) of Na+ per 100g of montmorillonite.<br.>

  1. Add 1.12g of Sodium Montmorillonite (NaMT) to a scintillation vial containing 20mL of 50:50 HPLC grade water:ethanol.
    • (1.12 g NaMT)×(92×10-3 eq/100 g NaMT)×(507.65 g/mol tributylhexadecylphhosphonium bromide)=0.523 g tributylhexadecylphosphonium bromide
  2. Add 0.523g of tributylhexadecylphosphonium bromide to exchange 100% of the Na from the clay
  3. Cap the vial
  4. Stir for 1 week
  5. Vacuum filter using 0.2uM nylon filter paper
  6. Dry in oven at 90C overnight
  7. Grind with a mortar and pestle
  8. Store in a dessicator