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CHEM-581 Experimental Chemistry I

Game Plan

Things we're interested in:

  • Thermo & Equilibrium -> are these films high capacity?
    • Wet chemistry heavy metal ions
  • Kinetics -> how quickly do these films absorb things? Needs to happen fast
    • Diffusion tubes
  • These things will make a viable pollution absorption filter

Update: 11/7/2014

    • Lots of samples, testing kinetics and thermodynamics with malachite green and R6G
    • Measurements we need to make
    1. mg analyte/mass polymer
    2. kinetics
      • How do we make these measurements relevant?
        • Compare equilibrium and kinetics of our beads (25-30 min for total absorption) to other systems (other types of beads like PVA only, films, other absorbants like activated carbon **standard** and zeolite)
      • How do we make these measurements accurately?
        • Stock solutions same across all groups
        • Measure solution every single day used (too account for absorbance of dye into surface of container)
        • Same calibration curves across all groups
        • To determine mass used: dehydrate (measure mass and rehydrate... maybe), make samples & dry out & mass
        • Kinetics:
          • 1 sample for every time interval measurement (10 measurments > 10 samples, 1 sample/time increment)
    • Extra measurements we need for paper:
      1. SEM
      2. BET (surface area measurement)
      3. "bead size" determined by microscope
      4. DSC
      5. X-ray diffraction

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