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February 11, 2014


  • Nanofiber (original procedure) retention test results
    • Pictures from approx. every two days (Friday, Monday, Wednesday) for each test
    • Microscope pictures for each test > make harder tests?
    • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy(?)
  • New Nanofibers: Myoglobin (100 and 60), BSA (160, 120, 80)

Nanofiber Coated Scaffold Results

  • Photographs of scaffolds in solution were taken, as well as scaffolds under the microscope

New Nanofibers: Sample Preparation

  • Au stock solution:
    • 0.011g x (1 mol/393.833g) x 0.010L = 2.793mM
  • Myoglobin stock solution:
    • 0.011g x (1 mol/17699g) x 0.010L = 0.0621mM
  • BSA stock solution:
    • x (1 mol/66500g) x 0.010L =
  • Volumes of Au, protein, and water for each test tube:
    • Final [Au]=0.5mM, 5mL total volume
    • 2014 0211 myo bsa NPs.PNG