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To Do

  • More OT/DNA stuff?
  • Fuss with the stupid table again?

PBS Buffer

  • I made 1L of PBS buffer
  • 0.01 M phosphate buffer
  • 0.0027 M potassium chloride
  • 0.137 M sodium chloride
  • pH 7.47
    • This is 1x PBS
  • This needs to be stored @ room temp, so I will put it with the Popping buffer near Brigette's work area
    • Andy Maloney 01:30, 17 July 2009 (EDT): Does it really "need" to be stored at room temperature? In my experience, buffers will always acquire bugs and so it's best to keep things in the fridge. Could you look into if anyone puts sodium azide in their PBS?


  • So the PBS exploded in the autoclave, leaving alot of salt everywhere
  • I would say about 20ml of volume was lost
    • Koch worries that if it was water that evaporated instead of actual liquid splashing, then we could have a problem with concentrations
      • There is salt residue everywhere so i am lead to believe that its mostly the liquid and that the concentration is ok
  • I will need to clean the autoclave and we do have special autoclave cleaning powder stuff
    • Tomorrow I will give it a really good cleaning, removing water and all that jazz
      • We may want to look into buying more cleaning powder stuff too

Heat Plate

  • Andy asked me to take a look at the Hot Plate from Fischer that died quite a while ago
  • He took it apart and could not figure it out (which worries me since he's the mechanical genius in these here parts)
  • Right now, what I see is that there are 2 variable resistors that go into a transformer that is powered by the AC outlet.
    • Andy Maloney 01:32, 17 July 2009 (EDT): I think one of them is a variac (for the hot plate) since there is no AC to DC conversion going on. We can talk more tomorrow but we should check part numbers to make sure what the parts are.
  • One of the resistors goes to the heating element and the other goes into a motor that spins a pair of square magnets
  • Brigette has taken it apart mostly and cleaned the connections
  • I'm trying to look up the 2 controller knobs with not very much luck
    • Perhaps I will dig around in the filing cabinet and see if the manual has anything important to say
      • Well, getting kicked out so that they can clean the room for the waxing that will happen, more tomorrow