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To Do

  • Help Andy organize the photos of the new microscoe
  • more OT?
  • w/e Koch/grads need


  • Going through the photos that Andy and Brigette took yesterday and putting part no's and descriptions on them
  • Andy Maloney 20:56, 15 July 2009 (EDT): Really good job by the way.

Optical Table

  • Turns out that the epoxy that I coated the one valve/controller with popped while Ant, Larry and I were looking over the table and trying to level it
  • As such, I redid 2 coats of epoxy
  • There was also a problem with it staying still (since the valve thing was not designed for that table, someone jerry rigged some kind of mounting system that really sucks)
    • In this event, Larry and I used cable ties to try to keep it still
    • We also made a large "stopping arm" for the lever that controls air flow
  • The table floats relatively quiet now and there were no leaks at the end of the day
    • Will need to check it again tomorrow and eventually replace this faulty valve/controller thing


  • Koch has a new USB DAQ board on loan from someone here @ CHTM
  • I have it hooked up to Kochlab-DAQ2
  • Only tested the 0 pin on the sum signal on the QPD
    • To test the QPD, i turned on the power supplies and then the halogen lamp.
    • I can see on the screen (using NI measurement and automation program) that is I increase the amount of light the diaphragm lets out I get higher signal on the QPD

Koch's Office Comp

  • Koch and I moved his office computer into the new lab to act as the camera controller
  • It turns out that the USB card that is in his computer doesnt appreciate the camera.
    • Important for all the computers in the lab with said card, if possible, attach important items into the port that is attached to the mother board
  • It goes really fast and runs larry's program just fine