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To Do

  • Clean the Autoclave
    • What does it mean to "clave"?


  • Moved PBS to fridge under Andy's advice to prevent things growing in it
    • updated the inventory page


The cleaning stuff


Note:Use gloves, this stuff is corrosive

  1. Remove all the trays and samples from the autoclave
  2. Sprinkle the contents of the Chamber Brite package in a straight line front to back
  3. Run a 30min cycle at 273°F (fill water, set to STE, etc)
  4. After the pressure goes down to 0psi, open chamber and drain the water reservoir (small adjustable spigot lower left of the opening)
  5. Refill the reservoir (opening upper right corner of the top of the autoclave) with DI H2O
  6. Run another 30min cycle w/o any Chamber Brite
  7. After cycle drain the reservoir again (This seems a bit redundant but that's what the manual says)
  8. Turn off Autoclave and allow it to cool
  9. Remove tray holder and wipe the inside with a damp cloth
  10. Wipe tray holder with damp cloth and return to chamber
  11. Fill the chamber with a little bit of water (2-3oz), wipe away water
  12. Autoclave good to go


  • Andy got the itemized budget in from CRLS and wants me to google spreadsheet it and compare to receipts