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To Do

  • Help Brigette with Kinesin activity?
  • Help with OT?
  • Setup wireless cam on server?
  • Something else that may need my attention


  • Koch seems pretty happy about how the cameras work
  • There is a problem that one of the memory cards is only 16Mb whereas the other 2Gb
    • has some 4Gb SD memory cards for ~$10
  • Koch didnt get back to me about whether or not the cameras can reach across the hall into the other lab (Steve Koch 00:34, 10 July 2009 (EDT): Yup, it worked for me (I said "transferring 1/3..." and I too took some pictures of the tweezers. The setup is pretty bad-ass! Thanks again for getting the cameras working!)
    • As such, i'm going to take some photos of the tweezers for Andy
      • Worst case: I take them then physically dump them to the computer
  • It does work, and Larry's computer automatically dumps the photos into the C:photos from wireless camera
    • There is a workaround:
      • If you use remote shooting, turn on the LCD display on the camera (so you can see what your taking a photo of) and then tell it to only dump to computer, it should do what we want w/o filling up the card (this way may be alot slower though because of xfer times)
  • That seemed to work out just fine
  • The photos are stored on larrys c drive/photos from wireless/jul 9
    • They aren't all the best, but I think some are good
  • View of the microscope with tweezers assembled

Evans Paper

  • Starting to read the Evans Ritchie 1997 paper
    • Igor is going to talk about this paper at our next group meeting
  • Talks about the intercellular bonds and how they are proportional to how fast you try to pull them apart