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To Do

  • Mess with the wireless cameras some more



  • The batteries are all charged, so now I have enough juice to run the cameras
  • The new camera was setup last night and upon trying to connect this morning, I got the connection failed 5 message again
  • Note: the instructions manual explicitly states that you cannot shoot remotely while the camera is wired
  • I am starting to run out of ideas.
    • One was to connect the camera to the printer wirelessly, but the printer does not have a USB port
    • Another would be to try to connect Ant's laptop to the camera ad-hoc
      • Maybe I will try this, I could change ant's password and just safely log him out
  • I am able to get Ant's laptop to create a computer to computer network to talk to the camera
    • To test it, I disconnect the laptop from the Kochlab server and ask the camera to connect to the p2p network
      • When it tries to connect, it makes the laptop connect as well
      • I am certain there is a connection between the two, but I still get the failed 5 message
  • Yay for Google, i searched the conenction 5 problem and found that all you need is a patch to fix it
  • It works just fine on Larry's computer, about to try it with the laptop
  • The refurb'd camera now has a setting to connect to Larry's comp and to Ant's laptop
    • As of right now, Larry's will dump to the C: Drive
      • Koch wants us to be able to dump directly into the server


  • I have setup both Larry's and Ant's computers to display the Z: drive (//controller/pub) and the new Y: drive (//controller/pub/,dropzone/wireless camera)
  • From here, I will ask the camera to dump photos straight into the Y drive
    • Your photos should be in a folder marked with the date the photo was taken
  • seems that the software will not recognize the mapped drives when looking for a place to dump the photos
  • Ok, this is how the camera works
    • Turn on, connect to the proper computer
      • Note: It may take a few tries, if it fails and gives you the error 5, just try again
    • When you get in, a popup window will appear.
    • For remote shooting, pick the last tab "Remote Shooting"
    • When you do this, it will ask you where to dump the photos
    • Note: it takes it about 10s to take the photo and transfer it to the computer
  • Koch showed me "sync toy 2.0". It would be easy just to have it take all the photos we took and dump them into the server
    • Sync Toy works when you are connected to the server, but sync toy does not carry over user-wise, so each user needs to set it up manually (in this case, Larry's sync toy should be set for the desktop)
  • The other thing to try would be to setup the server to accept photos, eliminating the middle man
    • Problems here include security issues and that it would be hard to remotely take a photo
  • Another thing to look into is to make sure we can have both cams running at the same time
    • Hey! I was able to get both cams running, one on Larry's desktop and the other on Ant's Laptop!
    • Maybe it's just me but I think that with both cams running the live feed is a bit laggy (could be possible since we share the same router)
  • Currently trying to install the software onto the server, that way the server can just dump photos right to...well... the server
    • Ok, so it did the same thing here that it did on Larry's computer. The Photostich program froze in the middle of the installation and I am going to have to abort it
  • hmmm...i got a message saying the OS on the server isnt good enough for wireless capabilities
    • It doesnt seem that the server wants to communicate with the camera
      • Perhaps a good ol fashioned restart is in order, but I dont really want to do that in the fear and destroy something. Perhaps Dr Koch can safely restart it sometime tonite in the wee-hours of the morning?