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To Do

  • Make BNC Cables
  • Make "Poppin BuffeR"


  • Andy showed me how to make BNC Cables
  • Its very similar to how Koch showed me a year ago, but Andy solders the gold tip onto the cable


  • Koch Brigette and I made Koch's Popin buffer
    • Called this b/c he used it when unzipping proteins on DNA and proteins "pop" off
  • Ingredients
    • 50 mM Potassium Phosphate (ph 7.5)
    • 50mM KCL
    • 100mM EDTA (ph 7.8 supposed to be ph8)
    • .02% Tween-20 detergent


  • Koch and Andy got the tweezers really ready to go
  • Koch is going to try to do some tethers with some old post-doc DNA
    • The good stuff if @ Osley Lab , so monday Koch will go get it