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To Do

  • Help Andy with OT?
  • Help Brigette with new assay kit
  • Anything else Koch/Grads need



  • As of yesterday, Andy and I setup the 'scope and had some optics worked out
  • We still need to put in steering optics
    • Andy was thinking of putting in those lenses on the underside of the scope, "hanging from the ceiling" of the breadboard
  • Andy wants to use a periscope to bring the optical axis up off the table into the microscope
    • In order to do that, the laser must come in perpendicular to the persiscope
      • That means we have to tear everything down to rearrange the laser
    • Note: The mirrors on the periscope must be aligned perpendicularly to each other. The beauty of this is that one mirror will translate the optical axis horizontally and the other vertically with no angular aberrations!
  • Andy and I are aligning an optical axis using 2 mirrors and the CCD
    • We place the CCD close, use the mirror closest to the laser to center the beam, move the CCD far, use the mirror furthest from the laser to center the beam, and iterate until we have an axis parallel to the table


  • Brigette expressed interest in trying out the kits that Koch ordered last week
  • We need to visit Dr Osinski's spectrophotometer to get some calibration data on the phorphoric content of our samples
    • For that we will need the square tubes that go in the meter and possibly well plates (of which i do not know if we have)

Russ and Microscope parts

  • Russ came in while the rest of the lab was heading to the group meeting at panda
  • Russ told me that 95% of the things that Dr Koch ordered have come in
  • so far (as what i can remember him telling me)...
    • 10x objective (not lead free)
    • 2 non-focusing eye pieces (focusing one is "supposedly" in minnesota and will be shipped over if its there)
  • New cube turret
  • large trinocs'