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To Do

  • Help with ot?
  • Kinesin assays?
  • continue to update the chemicals list
  • w/e Koch and the grads will need



  • Andy has apparently already setup the power modulator and the beam expander
  • He says the only thing left is to move the microscope into the new lab and setup the steering optics
    • The microscope is now in the new lab
      • It is too tall for the table, so Andy is going to get mike or joe to come and raise the shelf up a touch
      • Turned out they were busy, so Andy and I did it ourselves
        • Raised the shelf up about 4 inches
  • Now with the microscope all setup, Andy is trying to install the last of the optics (mainly, the steering optics)


  • Brigette wants to try to new kinesin assay (phosphorous kits)


  • Koch asked me to run an ethernet cable from the optics lab back to kochlab
    • ran it across the floor, under doors, across the ceiling tiles and into the lab
      • interesting note: koch found a dead scorpion in the ceiling