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To Do

  • More OT
  • Kinesin stuff?
  • W/e grads need
  • Nanodrop


  • Andy was working on aligning the periscope this morning
  • He got the beam expander aligned earlier


  • I tried to hookup Kochlab-04 near the printer
  • Since we moved the router to accomodate Kochlab-daq2, there is not an ethernet wire long enough to hookup Kochlab-03 to the internet
  • With some strategic maneuvering, I was able to get the wire to stretch the distance
    • There are alot of blue cords running around, I sure hope that the fire inspection next week will go ok


  • Koch asked me to try to price out some nanodrops for the lab
  • The site I found on google ( is the site for Thermo Scientific
  • According to the site, they have 4 types of drops
    • Nanodrop 2000
      • very fast measurements (5s)
      • low wavelength (205nm)
      • Min Sample .5ul
      • Higher concentration measurement capability up to 15,000 ng/µl (dsDNA)
      • Looks like it only has a Micro-Volume Pedestal, no curvettes
    • Nanodrop 2000c
      • Micro volume pedestal or use standard curvettes
      • Very median product
      • UV-Vis light
    • Nanodrop 8000
      • Min sample 1uL
      • Can do 8 at a time
      • High throughput
      • Great for multiple users at the same time
      • Computer programmable
    • Nanodrop 3300
      • Min sample 1uL
      • Uses florescence, broad range
  • Quote requested. Should be in, in a day or 2. I'm gone for the rest of the week, so I can report on this Monday.
    • Sending them an email asking them to CC (should have done that in the main quote, oh well)
  • VWR has a similar product they call the NanoVue
    • Wavelength 200-1100nm
    • Samples .5ul-5ul
    • Uses a sample plate
    • With wireless connectivity: Price $9347.00

Pricing from Thermo

  • The sales rep from Thermo got back to me really quickly

Ammonium persulfate

  • We have a bottle in the lab that Andy wants us to get rid of
  • He asked me to find Dan Bryant to see what we can do
  • Dan is a really hard guy to locate
    • I walked around and went to his office, but did not see him
  • As such, I will send him an email
    • I will be out of the lab tomorrow and Friday, so I will have dan talk to Andy as well
  • I got a reply, apparently there is a chemical disposal form I need to fill out and then I can place the container in shipping and receiving for someone to come a pick it up at some undermined time.
  • I found Rick Bradley and he helped me dispose of the chemical
    • The forms are in the clean room offices (NE corner of the building)
      • Fill one out, peel off the back, stick it to the bottle and a tech will escort you to the shipping/rec room
    • In the room you sign in the chemical on a sheet to your right as you enter the door
    • At the end of the room on your right is a door to the chem stores
    • Drop off your labeled chemical in the proper bin for disposal!