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To Do

  • Update the chemicals list
  • Help with OT?
  • Kinesin assay?
  • Anything else that needs to get done

Chemicals list

  • I am removing chemicals that we do not have in the lab anymore, from Andy's master list]
  • He would also like me to add on a few more columns with CRLS and CAS (or ES) numbers
    • It would be a shame for all that hard work in making those chemicals list to go to waste. I guess I will make a page with those "lost chemicals" so that if we acquire them in the future, thats less work for catalouging them

Aligning the Laser

  • Andy is aligning the new laser using 2 mirrors and the CCD
    • He is trying to establish an optical axis by centering the beam in the middle of the CCD up close with one mirror and and centering it far away using a second mirror
      • He feels it is aligned within a few microns
  • Now we want to place the beam expanding telescope in the path