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To Do

  • My job posting finally came up today, need to work that out with Jannell
  • Koch may want to try the new kinesin today (since the old stuff yesterday was a flop)
  • Learn to use the autoclave

/How to use the Autoclave

  • I dont know where to put this page so that others can see it and benefit from it
  • I did, however, print out a copy and posted it above the autoclave
  • For reference, I autoclaved 3 canisters of the small double walled tubes, 1 of the larger double walled tubes, 1 "yellow" set of pipette tips, 1 "blue" set and 1 "white" set


  • Ant and Larry ran a gel
  • It came out pretty good, the plasmid being 4-4.5kbp
  • Ant complained that it runs too slowly
    • They didnt leave it in long enough, therefore the spacing wasn't as nice
  • Larry wants to know how long a gel lasts, so its gonna sit out tonite
  • Ant wanted me to check the power output of the power supply, he doesn't believe the numbers are actual voltages