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To Do

  • Talk to Jannell about getting hired
  • Ant wanted me to test the accuracy of the gel power supply
  • Make new Kinesin with Koch and Brigette
  • Fix firefox on new computer (koch may be running firefox remotely on it)

Power Supply

  • I tried attaching directly to the supply with a dvm, but it gave me an error (the supply)
  • I think i will need to have the supply running a gel (that way we get both voltage and current) and then measure from there
    • I dont know how to set it up for a "dry" run. perhaps ant can show me or i will look at it next time we make a gel
  • Koch helped me setup the gel thing with some buffer on the table
  • I was able to pull back the protective cover at the end of the leads and directly measure the voltage
    • The meter and the supply were very very close to each other, leaving me very little room to dispute the accuracy of the supply (unless both the supply and the meter suffer from the same illness)

Video Card

  • The new video card for the new desktop came in
  • It doesnt have any software, so I think it's plug and play
  • I dont know when Koch will want me to install it, since the computer is being used for camera controls right now
    • Koch is currently programming on this computer, so we can wait on the new card for tomorrow/next week


  • Drained the Autoclave and refilled with DI water
    • The drained water seemed pretty clean and dint really stink, so the 'clave is still pretty clean i would think
  • Auctoclaving 3 bottles of DI water (~500ml in each bottle)
  • Also writing up a shorter version of File:How to use the Autoclave.docx
    • This is pasted to the front of the autoclave for all to see
  • believe it or not, there is a file in the filing cabinet for this autoclave...thats where i will stick the original, hard to read, manual