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Initial Check

  • On the top of the autoclave is a round opening for DI water
  • The cap has a dipstick in it where you can check water levels
    • Note: do not over fill the autoclave. There is a metal spigot inside the filling area that the water level must not rise above

Preparing samples

  • Tubes should be placed in the round plastic screw cap containers
    • The cap should be placed upon the top, but not screwed in
  • Pipette tip boxes should be opened and their lids on, but not airtight
  • All samples must have the special masking tape on them
    • This tape is the manilla with white stripes on it
    • Make a small tab at one end so that the tape can be easily removed for reuse of the container.
  • Place the samples onto the tray of the autoclave, leaving space between items


  • After the autoclave has been filled with water and loaded, turn on the green switch to "START"
  • Turn the bottom-most dial clockwise to the "FILL WATER" position
  • Watch inside the autoclave bottom as water starts to fill it
  • When the water reaches the door (There is a small notch before the door) set the bottom dial to "STE"
  • Close door and tighten (not too tight because you may damage the gasket)
  • With the door closed, set the temperature gauge to 273F (121C)
  • Set the timer to 30mins (45mins if this is a cold start)
    • Note: the pressure meter must be between 30-32 psi for the temperature to actually be 273F. If it is not, adjust the temperature gauge accordingly


  • Only set to 250F and use a non-perforated pan


  • After the timer is done, a small "ding" will be heard
  • Wait for the pressure to reach 0 psi
  • Open the door slightly
  • Set the bottom-most dial to "EXH + DRY"
  • Set the timer knob to 20-30mins
    • The DRY light should be on now
  • When the timer expires, change the bottom most knob to the "0" position
  • Open door and remove samples

No drying

  • After the timer dings set the bottom most knob to "EXH + DRY"
  • When the pressure gauge reaches 0 psi, turn the bottom most knob to the "0" position
  • Open door and remove samples


  • Let the pressure reach 0
  • Switch bottom knob to "0"
  • Open door and enjoy

Make sure to switch the green switch to "STOP"