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Video Card

  • Today, I need to order the new video card for our new desktop.
  • It needs to support dual screens and be less than $100
  • I'm thinking of doing the setup that works for Larry's computer. DVI splitter into 2 monitors.
  • On that note, I will need a DVI splitter cable ($20?)
  • Looking over my notes from last time, I see that I listed 512MB ATI RADEON HD4670,Dual DVI/ plus single DVI VGA adapter
    • Dual DVI ports would solve the splitter problem. I will look into this card a bit more and see what I can find out about it.
    • From the reviews I have read, it is a good card for the price. The only slight drawback is that it has a fan on it, which takes up space. They mentioned that it kinda blocked the other adjacent port, which I dont know if that would interfere with us putting in a DAQ card
  • Purchasing the card from for ~$80 with shipping.
    • Has dual DVI and this model has a smaller fan, so that should help with space
    • Also has a $15 mail in rebate. May look into that once the order is placed

Linh N Le 14:20, 15 June 2009 (EDT) Order sent in with Tamara. Actually left it on her door, i think shes out to lunch


  • Thinking about the Ascetic Acid stuff that we worked on last week, one thing (that Koch did mention) that we didn't do is test the AF cocktail that brigette made with just the tubes.
    • There is a chance that that stuff has already gone bad and ruined our samples
  • On that note: we only have 1 or 2 aliquots of tubulin left, so Koch wants to teach me how to make some more later today
  • We made 4 aliquots of the Rhodamine tubulin and ~38 aliquots of the unlabeled kind
  • We also polymerized one 1ul aliquot of the RT and looked at it
    • It worked, we used the green cube for imaging. Looked kinda like fiberglass
  • Going to try the AF that is stored in the -20c with the new tubes
  • Koch's notes
  • The AF works great. The tubes stay in the field of view for over 5mins.
    • We took video of the tubes looking for any breaks (or other destruction of MTs), but saw nothing. Videos on larry's computer in C:\Movies from Live Feed\avi\herskowitz.larry\09Jun15 under various names
    • Moved to Z drive. pub\,dropzone\MT videos\Rhodamine jun15
    • Steve Koch 23:48, 15 June 2009 (EDT): You can put them in webpub and then they will be accessible via regular public internet.
  • Going to try vitamin C next and then vitamin C + AF
    • Honestly, I dont see the point of vitamin C now. The taxol we add is supposed to stabalize the tubes. Perhaps there is a long term effect (10mins+) that vitamin C helps with
  • The Ascetic Acid seems to work just fine. Brigette mixed it with the stock MTs and there are alot of tubes. It gets a bit overwhelming, but they are just as apparent as they were w/o the AA.
  • Ascetic Acid + AF is still really bad. The AF doesn't prevent bleaching as strongly anymore and there are no tubes to be found
  • Cool note: around 1min mark of the first video, you can see a MT loose, then attaching itself to the glass (center screen)