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Questions for Andy

  • Andy asked Brigette and I to come up with questions pertaining the experiments we ran last night (AA + MT + AF)
  • The bulk of the questions, for me at least, will deal with some chemistry and pH related things

The Questions

  1. What pH do MT's thrive in? (my guess would be near 7)
  2. What is the pH of BRB80 (and BRB80T)? (I overheard it was made of salts, so possibly near 7 also)
  3. For that matter, what is BRB80 comprised of?
  4. What is the pH of the AF cocktail? ( I should look up Glucose oxidase (GOD), Catalase (CAT), and beta-mercaptoethanol (BME))
  5. How does Ascetic Acid and AF interact? (it seemed to do terrible things to the tubulin)
  6. For that matter, how does AF interact with the MT's?

The Chemicals

  • Glucose Oxidase is an enzyme that binds to beta-D-glucopyranose (a form of the sugar glucose)
  • It is dimeric
  • It uses flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD), which comes from Redox reactions, to become a catalyst.
  • It also reduces natural 02 into h202 (hydrogen peroxide)


  • Koch and I got the drivers installed and the computer put on the server
  • Its name is Kochlab-daq2
  • It has 2 ports in the back (as far as I can tell) one for a video card and one for a DAQ card
  • LABView 71 and visual safe source also installed

Video Cards

  • I went to the Dell site and tried to "build my own" optiplex 960
  • I figure if Dell sells the card, they work with the computer. I will also try to price them out on sites through Google shopping
  • Here are the video cards they offer:
    • 256MB ATI RADEON HD 3450 (Dual DVI/ VGA /1 TV-out), full height [add $74]
      • Amazon:~$40
    • 256MB ATI RADEON HD 3470 (Dual DP), full height [add $84]
      • $70-120
    • 512MB ATI RADEON HD4670,Dual DVI/ plus single DVI VGA adapter [add $139]
      • ~$60-70
    • 256MB nVidia GeForce 9300 GE (Dual DVI/ VGA /1 TV-out), full height [add $74]
      • Amazon: 50-60
    • 512MB NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420 Quad DVI Adapter, Full Height [add $499]
      • Amazon: ~480
    • 512MB NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420 Quad DisplayPort Adapter, Full Height [add $499]
      • Amazon: same as above
  • So, any descent card will def be under 100, and we can just ship it in and take 20mins to install it to the computer itself