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Contact Info

Kevin Matthew McKay (Jamaican Medical AB Trip
 I learned about OpenWetWare from school, and I've joined because for biomathematical modeling class.


  • Currently a Junior at Loyola Marymount University
  • BioMath Major
  • Expected to Graduate May 2014
  • Upper Division Biology and Math courses:
  1. Immunology
  2. Introduction to probability and Statistics, Methods of Applied Math, BioMathematical Modeling

Research interests


  • Learning as much as possible
  • All A's at end of semester

Career interests

  • Marine Biology
  • Navy
  • Physician
    • Trauma or ER Doctor


  • Favorite aspect of biology
    • Marine Biology, I surf and am in the ocean many times a week and this spurs my interest.
  • Favorite aspect of Math
    • I like to get smarter and I feel that studying Math helps me do this.
  • Worries and concerns with Biomathematical Modeling class
    • My computer skills are not very extensive, this is the scariest part of the class for me.
  • Anything else for the instructors to know:
    • No

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