Kevin Matthew McKay week 4

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  • BIOL398-03/S13:Week 4
  • user:Kevin Matthew McKay
  • Kevingraphchemostatfeb7.jpg
  • Image is Laura Terada's graph, (my MATLAB was not working)
  • Parameters Values
    q 0.15
    u 120
    r 1
    K 5
    V 0.5


    • Steady state values (final page has all 3 equations for c. n, and y)
      • Click on a large page and it will link to a smaller more readable page (could not figure out how to resize)
    • Page 1 PAge 2 Img003.jpg
    • How do the steady states depend on the feed rates?
      • As feed rates increase, corresponding state variable values increase, but level out at a certain point.
    • How would changing the equation change the dynamics or steady state?
      • Well depending on how small either n or c was, the rate of change of steady state could become larger if n or c was very small (below 1) because multiplying by a number below 1 would decrease the larger steady state variable value.