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  • Gibson assembly: order primers for vector pSB1A3
  • Golden Gate assembly: order primers for pSB1A3 and Brady's parts
  • Order enzyme for Golden gate assembly: BsmBI

Gibson Assembly design

  • Previously tried to ligate Gibson insert into X/S-cut pSB1A3, unsuccessful. This time, PCR everything, including the vector, then do Gibson assembly.
  • Retry assembly "hPCD-BL01" (see [1]). Make sure primer sequence overlaps with Brady's external sequences:
    • BBP-hPCD fwd: gaattcgcggccgcttctaga-tggagctttcagcggtggg (first 21 = BioBrick prefix)
    • BL01-BBS rev: ctgcagcggccgctactagt-gccaggatcccccgagcccc (first 20 = BioBrick suffix)

New primers designed to amplify pSB1A3 backbone (should also work for V0120)

  1. Gib_BBS F: 5'-actagtagcggccgctgcag (forward seq from the BB suffix)
  2. Gib_BBP R: 5'-tctagatgcggccgcgaattc (reverse seq from the BB prefix)

Golden Gate design

  • Use BsmBI, per Dave Savage's recommendation
    • cgtctc - 5bp overlap - part - 5bp overlap - gcagaga
    • Forward - 5'-cgtctc NNNNN+20bp TOP
    • Reverse - 5'-cgtctc nnnnn+20bp rev comp

New primers

  1. gg_BBS F: 5'-cgtctcactagtagcggccgctgcag (should also work for V0120)
  2. gg_BBP R: 5'-cgtctctctagatgcggccgcgaattc (should also work for V0120)
  3. gg_BBP-hPCD F: 5'-cgtctcCTAGAtggagctttcagcggtggg
  4. gg_hPCD-BL01 R: 5'-cgtctcTCCATtctttccctttcctcaaagg
  5. gg_BL01 F: 5'-cgtctcatggagctttcagcggtggg
  6. gg_BL01-BBS R: 5'-cgtctcCTAGTgccaggatcccccgagcccc