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Lecture 1 Intro to Expression Engineering (10/11)

Why Gene Expression?

  • Disease is from mis-expression
  • Expression is part of cellular reactions to environment
  • Make things that are useful from gene expression regulation
  • Silencing/timing of gene expression regulate growth and development

Lecture 2

Lecture 3 Writing Papers

Writing an Introduction

  1. Organized ideas/brainstorm what to write (based on previous knowledge and research conducted)
  2. Created an empty shell of the structure (to be filled), i.e., an outline
  3. Tried to think of larger story used to open the intro; what would the audience relate to?
  4. Find the information (do research on databases, in readings, etc.)
  5. Find out what info you need to find (look through previous outline, decide what you're uncertain about)
  6. Look at lab notebook, assignment, experimental protocol, class Wiki
  7. Decide what was relevant (based on background reading)