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  • Began new PVA and PVA-Clay films (an extra PVA-Clay film is being produced)
  • Began new ion-exchanged clays


  1. New Standard Films
    1. Protocol may be viewed here.
  2. Began new ion-exchanged clays
    1. Exchange following Dr. Harting's procedure. The ion we are using is tributylhexadecylphosphonium bromide.


  • New Standard Films
    • 0.11151g clay + 1.00047g PVA
    • 0.11463g clay + 1.00168g PVA
    • 1.00733g PVA
  • Diffusion Results
    • 0.54118g MG+Film


Don't attempt to vacuum filter foam out of clay, it destroys it

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