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  • Quantify the diffusion of malachite green across the PVA-NaMT film
  • UV-Vis and concentration data analysis



  1. Our group chose to use a PVA/clay film
  2. Michael's group is using a PVA film. Their protocol may be viewed here.
  3. The films were set between the two chambers
  4. 10 ml of liquid was added to each chamber
    1. One chamber got DI water
    2. The other chamber got 20 ppm Malachite green
      1. The stock solution made by Mary.
  5. At the 5 minute mark, 200 uL was taken from each chamber and placed in an eppendorf tube
  6. We measured the UV-Vis spectrum for both chambers using a 200 μL cuvette. We returned each to the chamber it originally came from
  7. Measurements were taken for the following times
    1. 15 minutes
    2. 30 minutes
    3. 60 minutes
    4. 120 minutes
    5. 150 minutes


  • Mass of Film Piece - 0.8846g
  • Width of Film Piece - 0.51mm


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