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  1. Begin UV-Vis and Fluorescence data collection on Rhodamine6G experimental and standard samples.



  1. Make stock concentrations (both groups can use the same solutions)
    1. 0.10uM
    2. 0.50uM
    3. 1.0uM
    4. 1.5uM
    5. 2.0uM
  2. Take UV-Vis and Fluorescence spectra of these samples.
  3. Make a calibration curve based on UV-Vis.
    1. Compare your data to some published values
  4. Make a calibration curve based on the fluorescence.
    1. In order to do this, you'll need to measure the area under the fluorescence curve, not just the fluorescence peak height.

Finish Films created last week

      1. Instructions for finishing the films can be seen here


  • Add data and results here...


This area is for any observations or conclusions that you would like to note.

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