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  • Make more beads
  • Run UV-Vis for Red Cabbage Dye at different pH


  • Make more beads using procedure from Day 1
  • Double recipe and use all solution (probably about 100mL total)
  • Made 10% first
  • 2.5g PVOH, 30mL HCl, 70mL water, 10mL bentonite solution
  • 200mL Ethyl Acetate
  • 6mL glutaryaldehyde
  • Did not use enough ethyl acetate (will repeat and increase to 300 mL if beads do not turn out will)
  • Make 25%
  • 2.5g PVOH, 30mL HCL, 54mL water, 26mL bentonite solution
  • Same Ethyl Acetate and glutaraldehyde as 10%
  • Made more 3% bentonite solution
  • Run UV-Vis on dye at different pH
  • pH 1 Dye is reddish pink
  • Made dilutions
  • Stock solution absorbance was way too high so made dilution of 1:9 Dye to Water.
  • Used 1:9 Dye to Water (Stock 2.0) to make dilutions of 4:1 stock 2.0 to water, 3:2, 2:3, and 1:4.


  • Dye absorbed at 510nm
  • Made trendline:


  • Tried sonicating beads from last week
  • Did not work
  • Vacuum Filtrated Beads from last week
  • Mass of 10% beads after vacuum filtration: 1.3045g


  • Add data and results here...


  • Dilutions made last class with dye and water changed colors. Stock solution stayed purple. Dilutions turned more blue. (this indicated that they turned more basic)