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Synthesize Mn-doped ZnS quantum dots using the synthesis described here


Synthesis Protocol for Mn-doped ZnS nanocrystals with an Mn:Zn ratio of 1:7.5 and a final (Zn+Mn) concentration of 0.4mM

  1. Add 176μL of 5mM Zn(CH3COO)2 to a test tube
  2. Add 24μL of 5mM Mn((CH3COO)2) to the test tube
  3. Add 200μL of 40mM NH4CH3COO to the test tube
  4. Add 244μL of 0.55mg/mL protein to the test tube
  5. Add 250μL of 10mM NH4OH
    1. This should bring the pH up to 8.2. Check on this with a pH strip (290μL 10mM NH4OH)
  6. Bring the volume up to 2.5mL with water (Add 1316μL of water)
  7. Incubate at room temperature for 1 hour
  8. Add 200μL of 5mM Na2S
    1. When you add this add it drop wise (as best as you can) while vigorously shaking the test tube.
  9. Incubate at 37C for 5 days.

Repeat Steps using Syringe Method in another test tube Add materials as listed above; However, add in each reactant into sealed tube using 10mL syringe and hydrochrome needle.

500μL of 10mM NH4OH was added 1356μL of water added to bring volume up to 2.5mL.


Stock Solutions

All solutions are made in 250mL volumetric flasks.

  1. 5mM Zn(CH3COO)2
    1. FW = 219.49 g/mol
    2. V = 250mL
    3. mass to be measured = 0.274g
    4. actual mass = 0.274g
    5. actual concentration = 5mM
  2. 5mM Mn(CH3COO)2
    1. FW = 173.02 g/mol
    2. V = 250mL
    3. mass to be measured = 0.216g
    4. actual mass = 0.220 g (slightly pinkish hue)
    5. actual concentration = 5.1mM
  3. 40mM NH4(CH3COO)2
    1. FW = 77.08 g/mol
    2. V = 250mL
    3. mass to be measured = 0.7708g
    4. actual mass = 0.780g
    5. actual concentration = 40.5mM
  4. 10mM NH4OH
    1. initial M = 14.5M
    2. final V = 250mL
    3. volume to be diluted = 172μL
    4. actual concentration =
  5. 5mM Na2S
    1. FW = 240.18 g/mol
    2. V = 250mL
    3. mass to be measured = 0.300g
    4. actual mass = 0.300g
    5. actual concentration = 5.00mM


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