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The Daily Grind

  • Dipped 3, 7 day old potatoes (just after removing them from branches) in E. coli (JM109) grown overnight in LB with antibiotics, centrifuged and washed once in phosphate buffer, and resuspended in SOC with 1 ul / mL of 10% Arabinose and 1 ul / mL IPTG. No bacteria control was just the SOC, the untransformed bacteria control was JM109, the transformed control was JM109 with Arabad::GFPuv in pDRIVE, and the rest were Arabad::ACC in pDRIVE, Arabad::alsSD in pDRIVE, Arabad::PDS RNAi in pDRIVE, Arabad::TB1 RNAi in pDRIVE, and LAC::ACC (from Glick). After one month, will check them for fresh weight effects on the plants. Tommorow, independantly redoing the assay with freshly prepared bacteria for a second rep.
  • Retried electroporating Arabad::GFP in pDRIVE into endophytes Kp342, 1A1, 1A8, 1C4 (these last two are supposedly endophytic E. coli NBR1 which hopefully will host the pDRIVE).