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Contact Info

David C. Durán

Graduate Student - Systems Biology


I am a Physics PhD student. I have interest in microfluidic devices for Systems and Synthetic Biology. I am also interested in Stochastic Processes and Big Data and Machine Learning. Currently I am applying all these tools to study aging in yeast cells.


Published: October, 2010

  • Slipstreaming Streaming Mother Machine: A Microfluidic Device for Single-cell dynamical measurements with yeast, Biomicrofluidics,

Lab on a Chip, 2020 (submitted)

Congress Participations

  • Microbial Meeting (BoMM), Bogotá, Colombia, 2019. Poster Session

Acosta, I.M.;Durán, D.C.; Pedraza, J.M. Simulación Multifísica de Atrapamiento Hidrodinámico de S. cerevisiae

  • Microfluidics 2018, Heidelberg, Germany, 2018. Poster Session

Durán, D.C.; Hernández, C.A.; Suesca, E.; Pedraza, J.M.; Slipstreaming Mother Machine: A microfluidic device for single-cell dynamic imaging of yeast

  • Microbial Meeting (BoMM), Bogotá, Colombia, 2018. Poster Session

Durán, D.C.; Acosta, I.M.; Pedraza, J.M.; Multiphysics Simulation of Hydrodynamical Trapping of S. cerevisiae

  • COMSOL Conference, Boston, MA, 2010. Oral Presentation

Durán, D.C.; López O.D.; Computational Modeling of Synthetic Jets

  • Congreso Nacional de Ingeniería Mecánica, Bucaramanga, Colombia, 2010. Oral

Presentation Durán, D.C.; López O.D.; Multiphysics Modeling of a Synthetic Jet Using COMSOL


Universidad de los Andes - Colombia
M.Sc. Physics - Systems Biology

Universidad de los Andes - Colombia
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering


• Spanish - Mother tongue
• English - Advanced
• German - Advanced
• French - Basic

Research interests

• Systems Biology
• Synthetic Biology
• Microfluidics
• Big data - Machine Learning

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