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  • Prepared 5 samples for inclusion in protein films
  1. 0.0015mM BSA + 0.25mM Au (0.001g and 0.0006g, respectively) in 10mL of dH2O
  2. 0.0015mM BSA + 0.50mM Au (0.001g and 0.0012g, respectively) in 10mL of dH2O
  3. 0.0015mM BSA + 1.0mM Au (0.001g and 0.0024g, respectively) in 10mL of dH2O
  4. 0.0015mM BSA and no Au (0.001g) in 10mL of dH2O
  5. 0.50mM Au and no BSA (0.0012g) in 1mL of dH2O
  • Heated these samples at 80°C for 5hours then left out overnight