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Daily Goals (8:50)


Daily Goals Update(12:30)

  • Dentist visit this morning.
    • Grr.
  • Fix templates to include the proper header information
  • Add Search by date to calendar
  • Replace current status filestore (current and history file) with calendar
    • Will make this portable
  • Get Google spreadsheet and word files working
    • The spreadsheet API is overkill
    • Use the common Word/Excel/PDF interface
  • Look at how we can connect to Orkut
    • Open Auth/OpenID give us most of what we need
    • Need a waw to connect OWW username and google id
      • Option: use google hosted docs domain
      • Separate account
      • Optional: use existing gmail account

Comments (8:50)


Next Steps (8:50)

    • Fix the templates to include these labels

Comments (2:25)

    • The templates need work but they are populating the fields as needed.
      • Another step (not now): Use the extension that allows a new section to be programmatically adsded.
      • Format of the code can be controlled better by removing the opportunity to make mistakes (typos)
      • Meta: Think about include the following per-section as the title
        • Time
        • Comment
        • Label
        • Location
    • Q: Does Excel in Gdocs [ermit comparison between revisions?

Next Steps (2:25)

    • Demo excel upload, search, list, and view
      • Use the non-spreadsheet API
      • Save the time/date in calendar as a log
      • This is to re-establish the existing model
        • Once it works, then break it into parts and deploy as separate extensions
        • Search
        • File Upload
        • View document
        • List documents

End of Day Summary

    • Still working on connecting the Excel, Word extension.
    • Tried to make a jump from working on calendar to the doc api
    • Need to change approach.
      • Build on what's working.
        • Evolve the current set of classes to include Excel and Word
        • Move the record of the current task to the calendar
        • Add the URL and image support
      • Rewrite the document and send it to Drew