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Current Status

  • wiki exists online but need to be modified.
  • php class to add/delete/change entries has been created.
  • difficulty is in connecting the current wiki to the class
    • security model issues.
    • no issue re: compromising security.
    • problem is in having a specific end-point in mind

Next Step (10:06AM)

  • get the test wiki into a usable state
  • return here to document it.
    • not detailed doc; simple set of bullets points related to what's needed.
    • to reinfoce this, I think I need a simple way to timestamp each section entry.
    • do not revise this doc but add to it.
    • therefore the next deliverable is a macro that I can use to timestamp each section entry
    • current model is to revise and not record.
    • revision is useful but it eradicated the past without reverting to sing the wiki history.
    • good test therefore: see how long it takes to write macro
    • better solution: just write the time in the title and write the macro later.
    • always want to find a way to automate but in this case I can do it myself then optimize later if this works.

Status (11:00AM)

  • Added notes for the project and created a few information pages.
  • I did not write the macro. Just add it manually for now.
  • I added another title below to keep the trailing content out of sight.
  • I made a copy ofthe current OWW blog to allow for daily updates on OWW heath and well being: whats'orking and what needs to be done.
    • The mail has issues and needs to be addressed. I'm aware of the problem and will work on it later.
      • Later is a nebulous term. There are no current comments outstanding about it so it's not a critical issue.
      • The UMS system is not sending alters. I need to investigate but an spending my time doing this work for now. I will get lost in it if I dive in now.
      • We are now on 2 spam abuse lists. I need to investigate this and fix.
      • I'll move these comments to a separate project when time permits. For now They are here.

OpenID Integration with Google (11:10)

  • Google does not provide a transparent interface to OpenID.
  • They document their differences.
  • The result is that the format has to be explicitly implimented
    • Once it works for any one Google service it works for all

Action (11:10)

  • Enable the Google OpenID interface and provide a link here to demonstrate how it works

Next Steps (11:10)

  • Re-enable the Google Docs extension to allow trivial connectivity
    • Establish a baseline
    • Allow for others to comment
    • Provide rudimentary interface for Drew to work with

Next Steps (11:30)

    • read the current lab notebook page via php file_get_contents
    • find the last "next steps" entry on the page
    • save from it to the beginning of the next section
    • replace my current mac growl message with it
    • save the old one
    • maybe just throwing it to a twitter feed will work
      • twitter then provides the recording as well as informing what I'm doing.
      • imposes 140 char max. I like that.
      • may be too manual but it works.
    • ETA for it (no twitter for now): 10 minutes.
      • Report back here as soon as it works.

Finished. Comments (12:21)

    • I did it. But it took longer than anticipated.
    • Why?
      • Wrote a full class to do it
      • needed to do more sorting than anticipated.
      • output format had to be fixed
      • I added an archive funtion to make sure I don't lose any
      • Still no timestamp but this can wait.

Next Steps (12:21)

    • Get OpenID working and include a link here.

Results (2:11)

    • OK. Here's the link to the page. Main_Page
    • I assume that I'm the only person who currently can get in and will verify this.
    • Also enabled the status following app to work moe cleanly
      • Investigate using the MW API to get the doc in a more formal manner

Next Steps (2:11)

    • Get the Word and Excel doc list back up and working.
      • Provide a link here.
      • Once they're done, we can concentrate on the other important functions
        • Upload
        • List
        • Search

Results (3:37)

    • Added support for the google calendar
      • Used on the Google Zend API
      • What does this mean?
        • Can create a Google calendar for some entity in OWW and then use it as a way to track behavior.
        • Example: Notebook Entry
        • Example: Equipment log
        • Example: Paper publishing date or submission
    • Note: Explore the use of the code written to date as way to save a lab notebook page as a Google calendar event.
      • Upside: provides a way to export lab notebook data to
        • iphone,
        • android,
        • blackberry,
        • mnacos,
        • windows
      • Downside:
        • Loss of context of the information.
        • No (current) 2-way sync.
        • Wiki has limited ability to do complex data management
        • Lab notebook format has no time support, just date
          • Option: use a simple extended page syntax like this: yyyy/mm/dd/hh/mm/ss
          • Use this syntax for naming all sections in the notebook
          • Problem: Too strict regulation of section names
          • This may not be an issue for forward-time chronology users
          • If people choose to instead use a subject-section orientation on a daily basis they will have ugly titles.
    • Option: do not sync times but instead publish sections in the calendar.
      • Provide a track-back link to the OWW page from the calendar
      • Investigate using pictures, etc. in calendar entries. But not right away!
    • Meta: See is there's a way to show this content in other ways
    • Meta: See if I can find a way to crawl these pages for keywords rather than having to do it manually.
      • I want control and not a wholesale indexing of all content.
    • Meta: See if I can provide a way to export a bookmark to a calendar to allow a erson to track what he./she was doing at the time a bookmark was created.
      • Base this on the OWWLinks
        • Provide it as an option.

Next Steps (3:40)

    • Get Excel and Word up using calendar code same code as base on the wiki.
      • Use the calendar to track submissions, mods, etc.
      • People may not understand this.
        • Why?
          • For me, a calendar is an abstract object capable of detailed time management
          • But the Google Calendar is an application people use
          • Disconnect between data and application
          • I should not assume that people will see the calendar vs. using of Google Calendar as a database
          • Will cause confusion.

Results (4:52)

    • added the calendar update to my google calendar
    • currently just adding the title of the task
    • location currently set to MIT
      • Meta: look into using google location services to also add the lat/long where the update was made from
        • this would only work if this was done on a client and not a server
        • HTML5 extensions for location awareness may be relevant
    • Word and Excel still are in progress

Comments (5:20)

    • twitter command line interface
    • here: is the code.
      • May be useful
      • Hold off for now.

Next Steps (5:22)

    • Move the calendar class to the server and add Excel to it.
      • Need better definition of the excel interface to be added
      • Describe the steps
      • Before doing this get something up (anything) then make it better.
        • Resist temptation to think and just get it running.
        • Don't hijack OWW/MW file upload. Just get the command line interface running first
        • Calendar will record the event of uploading
        • No url links yet.
      • Google data calendar API doc: here
      • Google spreadsheet API doc: here

End of Day Summary

  • calendar API is working.
  • status alerts working
  • using the spreadsheet api will not be needed at this point.
    • The other file-oriented Google Doc API is sufficient.
  • OpenID for Google is working in gdocs private wiki
  • A lab notebook for tracking progress will work
    • More extensive use of the wiki markup features makes sense.