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Daily goals/objectives (9:17)

  • OWW Status update messages/presentation
  • Excel/Word: finish
  • Calendar update: add methods to class and move updates to the OWW server
  • Shadow these comments in the gdocs private wiki
  • Phone calls
  • Email: checkup on server
  • Hosting: visit Rackspace
    • get all current financial info re: rackspace
    • quick summary of costs moving to virtual server
  • Order new battery for Mac
  • Add this section to the template.
    • Closing out a day is not the same as opening one up
  • Change this page header to use more relevant icon
    • Change icon to to be clickable (Done)
    • Added daily summary entry at end of page
      • Automatically generated
      • Adjusted the watcher script to reflect new section
      • Still have no code to generate summary but will

Current Status (9:17)

  • Adjusting status tracking to reflect yesterday
    • Meta: Setting a goal too far from where I am decreases chance of attaining it
  • Google Spreadsheet API is overkill.

Next Step (9:13)

  • Fix calendar to use online data and not private current/history file
    • Implement methods to do the following
      • list calendars
      • open entry
      • update entry
      • add entry (done)
      • delete (low priority)
  • Change formatting: one level of indent
    • Update summary for last night
  • Document OWW status items
    • revise current plan

Comments (10:14)

  • Added methods to do the following to calendar class
    • get all calendar names
    • get event by timedate
  • Issues
    • No way of unique connection from wiki to calendar
      • granularity at the minute level
      • option: store the doc/section ID in the calendar event
        • problems
          • if section added we need to reprocess all entries to reflect it
          • if page deleted all events should also be deleted.
  • Saved updated CalndarEvent.php file as NewCalndarEvent.php
    • I need to test before replacing it
    • No need to worry immediately about subversion but will soon.
  • Methods added to calendar object:
    • list calendars: done
    • open entry: done
    • update entry: done for title
      • need to add update of other attributes
    • add entry (done)
  • Fixed problem in update
    • adjusted the offset for data to reflect new indent level
      • Changed from 2 to 1 indent for start
      • This removed one lone from the section
      • Fixed and running

Next Step (10:14)

  • Update documents including OWW status

End of Day Comments (HH:MM)

Daily Summary (HH:MM)