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Tethering sucks but here is a bunch of things I need to do to get tethering working:

Things I've Tried

  • washed invitrogen fluospheres to remove streptavidin, resuspend in BGB
  • concetrated anti-dig
  • incubate beads with DNA
  • high salt beads during tethering, wash with BGB

Brian is running the PCR to make more 4.4kb stretch DNA.

To Try

For tethering:

  • ???


  • Digest lots of pBR322
    • extract pBR322 and purify
  • Ligate to unzipping construct (I have some digested pBR322 and will use this in another reaction)
  • Purify product
  • Run gel of product with neutravidin to test biotin-avidin bonding
    • Perhaps try with anti-dig as well
      • Would I need to do it on PAGE?