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I am doing a little preplanning with my droid. It is pretty difficult to do wiki code but basic typing isn't too big a deal. Anyways just wanted to see how this would work if I needed to edit from my phone in a pinch. There needs to be an app for this. I think I saw a gadget or something that allows me to type normally and then wikify it. I'll have to look into that.

Taking Notes

Last time I worked with the tweezers, Koch and I took notes on Friendfeed, evernote, and google docs and iframed that stuff into my notebook. Everything is really close to being what I want, but not quite. Ok I'm going to have to call it quits on the notebook additions for the day. I have spent way too much time and all results are getting annoying. Here is what I want to do:

  • put evernote feeds into a room in friendfeed
  • embed evernotes into my notebook. Seems possible but has a goofy workaround:
    • it would be nice to have each day's notes compiled into one set of pages.
    • I could create a new notebook for each day of evernoting and then embed that notebook in the date here in OWW, seems dumb though
  • embed friendfeed notes
    • seems too annoying to get the shared links everytime I want to embed a new "note" ie like evernotes

Anyways I'll just take notes however I can and then try and solve this issue later. Hopefully it won't be too scattered.

Intro and Prep

I have 1:25 dilutions of big and little beads (.97um and .51um diameters respectively). I want very dilute beads for ease of use. Also Koch thinks it is a good idea to flow BGB first and then dilute beads with water and flow that in. Beads diluted in water could be better than BGB beads because of gloops and glops. I will try this today. For this I will need new DI water (mine is old and crappy.

Anyways I will want to do something similar to last Thursday in that I will do some power spectra of big and/or little beads. I don't think I want to do both, but we'll see. Also I knocked the beam expander so I will want to try and get that back into alignment as best I can. Finally I will want to do power analysis at different beam expansion settings to see what kind of effect that has on the trap stiffness.


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I am experiencing some weirdness where when looking at this very notebook page, Evernote reverts back to the main page and loses the shared public url. I don't understand that, but the simple crappy fix is to refresh the page. We'll see what happens.

FriendFeed Notes

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{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=tdV9qvu3LTzc8vNjWjSVwxQ |width=500 |height=300 }} Ignore this for today.

Final Thoughts

Nothing may get added here.