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Web Design, Wiki, etc

I don't know why but I get this incredible enjoyment from learning about web implementation like OWW stuff, reading HTML code, etc. I don't like programming but believe I can be a very very capable one. I just don't. But web development makes me so excited that I think its a certain that I have to. With that said my knowledge is limited.

I need to learn Javascript/Java (I don't know), more about HTML and CSS, XML, Flash, and maybe Python/Ajax/other web programming language. Oh yea, PHP was another thing that has popped up several times and I would like to look into more. Koch I demand books on these subjects at least HTML and Java. I have a book on Flash. I think I will try and learn Python in some limited context. I think this is very worthwhile, not just for me but for the lab in general and for its future.

If I can be provided with these resources, I think I would like to take the summer to try and begin developing these skill sets. Basically do this stuff full time to kick ass for a little while. I'll also have to check the library.

OWW Stuff

Koch told me about the new Wikipedia function of adding categories easily. Well it is on OWW now. Go to preferences and click the gadget tab. All the way at the bottom in the section of editing gadgets there is one that when enabled allows a user to add/remove/change categories with fill-in. It is pretty nice. I've enabled this. I've also enabled some other functions, but I don't really know what I enabled as far as seeing it now.

Here is what you will see as far as the category editing is concerned:

You will see this at the bottom of the page (not in editing mode). I'm showing the add a category, so in the box you start typing and the extension will autofill with all available categories. I haven't tested it, but I'm sure new categories can be added via this mechanism.

Power Spectrum with Koch

Making Bead Solution

I think I should do a mixture of big and small beads, or at least a double sample with one channel of little beads and one of big beads. I have beads already at 1:25 dilution and could easily do a 1:20 dilution of that to get 1:500 dilution for power spectrum analysis.

FriendFeed notes

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Power spectrum spreadsheet

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