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On Friday, Koch found my old PCR anchor product from Osley lab and we are going to use that until we get some better results with our own thermal cycler.


I remember from back in the day BstXI wasn't the most efficient cutter, so I will digest for a long time and follow these results: BstXI Digestion and PCR Results. I might use a little more DNA this time because I don't know what my yield was back then. {{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=t56cQRq50NNwVQ2Txq-AWiQ |width=800 |height=250 }} I will run this reaction for 4 hours total. Tube 2 will come out after 2.

Gel Extraction

I want to do PCR cleanup, or maybe S4000 columns (but I don't think we have these), but I think that's what I did last time and maybe it didn't work. In the meantime I will do gel extraction, but I will see about other ways.