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PCR Results

After returning from slumber I P/C extracted-EtOH precipitated the PCR-ed DNA to clean it up. Nanodrop readings provided 989.9ng/uL. So yup I have 50ug of DNA. Sweet.

Next Step

Since the PCR went smoothly, we are going to digest the new DNA with BstXI to create an overhang so that we can ligate a biotinylated oligo and have our anchor construct.
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Let that run for 4 hours. On Monday I will need to run a gel and gel purify to remove the short (40bp) fragments created from this digestion. This reminds me. I will need to upload an image of this process here with a sequence map of this piece and all the other pieces that I will be working with.

Anthony Salvagno 17:50, 17 April 2009 (EDT):Koch can you help with this?