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This is the fabrication process for agarose gel.


We made 50mL of solution. We wanted a 1% agarose solution so...

  • 50mL of TAE buffer (stands for Tris Acetate and EDTA)
  • .5g of Agarose powder
  1. Mix TAE buffer and Agarose powder in a flask.
  2. Weigh total solution
    • The reason is because after the next step, some TAE may evaporate and that will change the concentration. We want to add an equivalent amount of water that was lost to return to the same weight.
  3. Put solution in microwave for x minutes.
    • The heating allows the agarose to dissolve in the TAE. Dissolving time may vary.
  4. Pour into tray for hardening.
  5. Once hardened move tray to electrophoresis chamber and suspend in TAE buffer.
  6. Load wells with samples.

My first gel