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This is a solution that aids in the process that will chew up the cell walls and create spherical yeast cells instead of the weird blobs that they are... fatties!


To make in general, need:

  • 1.2M Sorbitol
  • 0.1M EDTA
  • .05M (50mM) Tris-Cl pH 8.0

We made 500mL:

  1. Sorbitol: 182.17 g/mol -> 109.3 g for 500mL
  2. EDTA: 372.24 g/mol -> 18.61 g for 500mL
  3. Tris: 25mL (Kelly had liquid stock so no mixing necessary) (Steve Koch:so, interpreting that he had 1 M stock, and you added water to 500 mL after that?Anthony Salvagno:Yea I think so.)