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I had typed this whole page out and in the middle of it all, somehow I got signed out. I'm guessing that's the laptop I'm on that caused the problem, but who knows. I hate this computer with a passion. I had so many clever and witty comments too. Oh well. Anyways YPD is Yeast (Extract) Peptone Dextrose, used to grow yeast.


To make 2L

  1. eyeball 1600mL DI water
  2. add 20g yeast extract
  3. add 40g peptone
  4. add remaining amount of water
  5. separate into 2 stocks
    • 1L for liquid solution, 1L to be made for petri dishes (more solid)
  6. add 20g Agar to solid stock
  7. autoclave
  8. add dextrose (omitted by accident) to both stocks