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1st Day in Osley Lab

Today is a pretty basic day as far as research goes. I began learning some new techniques and stuff. Kelly (postdoc in Osley lab) and I went over some protocols that we will be using for the future. I will put the plan for me on when I get more time. Here are some things we went over today:

  • Steralization techniques
  • making YPD (grows yeast)
  • grow some yeast w303a (idk what all that stands for, I just know it's wildtype)

It began pretty neatly as I watched Kelly prepare some of his own stuff. He explained some things with that (nomenclature and such) and then we discussed what I was going to be doing. Other random things:

  • they have this really sweet pipette tip filler thing (its large scale so maybe its just a pipe) - you push a button and it fills the tube, push another one and it empties it
  • yeast cells are male and female (denoted with an "a" or an "α" - I've yet to know which is which. Pretty interesting what I was told though.

Note to Self

Changing your username messes everything up.