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I want to make my Notebook super awesome. In doing so I need to come up with a few ways that will allow me to keep it organized and easy to navigate. I wanna figure out if I can edit my own Entry page Template so that I can add new pages like [[Date/Topic]] so that new stuff with these headings comes up in my DPL on the main project page. This is how I worked the notebook on the private wiki and it is very useful for finding old information very quickly. As of now I have no idea how to work with this thing. I could just follow the old method in the new system, but I think it would be very cool if I could have the new page template appear on the new subpages that I create. If this is confusing to people then I'm sorry.

In my random lookings of online (at first around OWW) I came across some cool programs for lab notebooks. They are:

I haven't read too much about ipad, but LabAssistant looks pretty cool. It allows you to keep a journal and keep egg timers (useful for the things I will be doing) and do other things all at once.

I suppose for now I will use my old method, until I can learn how to automate it. Check out my sample notebook to see what I eventually would like.

/Restriction Endonucleases

In preparation for my time to be spent in the Osley lab, I will read a few things Koch suggested. The first of which brings me to Res. Endonucleases.