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Biolab Prep

Some Emails

  • My emails that started it all:
    • Hey (Person), I’m not quite sure how I should format this email, but I am interested in working with you to learn the techniques of ligation that Brandon has learned over the past several months. I wanted to run it by you and Koch will be over soon to talk with (other person) and yourself about this possibility as well. I can be in the lab rather frequently, and am very excited about pursuing this with you. Hopefully I can get some positive results and even work with you on other things. Anything I can learn will be a huge benefit and hopefully I can return the favor in contributions to your work.
    • Hey (person), I’m following up from a couple weeks ago. Koch told me I should wait a little while to give you some time to take care of other important things. Anyways, if you are ready to have me I am ready to join the lab. When would be the best time to meet and go over the initial planning phases? Is there any literature I should read to get acquainted with some terminology, procedures, etc?
  • /Person's Email
  • /Koch's Email

Things to read

  • Read up on some ligation protocols
    • Kochlab protocols, Diego's Notebook, Brandon's notebook
    • Maybe Koch grad school notebook
  • learn about plasmid DNA
  • check out NEB site: NEB
  • check out molecular cloning books
  • Learn about:
    • multiple cloning sites
    • T4 DNA ligase and ligation reactions
    • agarose gel electrophoresis
    • miniprep (plasmid DNA isolation from E. coli)
  • read pipette manual (find it too).