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Sample Preparation

BSA Fluorescence

  1. pH 10
  2. [Au]=0.25 mM
  3. [BSA]=3.125 uM
  4. Vf=3000 uL

Stock Concentrations 161108

  1. [BSA]= 55.1 uM
  2. [Au]= 3.45 mM
  3. [NaOH]= 1 mM

Volumes for making the solution:

  1. 170.15 uL BSA
  2. 217.39 uL Au
  3. 2312.46 uL HOH
  4. 300 uL NaOH

Sample preparation for UV-VIS

Solutions were prepared with 53.1 mM Fructose, 3.45 mM gold, and 34.3 mM silver. All other stock solutions were as stated in the tables.

Silver A Anneliesefaustino161109.PNG

Silver B redo actually correct this time amf 161109.PNG

Silver C amfaustino 161109.PNG

Gold pH 11 rerunanneliesefaustino 161109.PNG

Data Analysis

Fructose concentrations of: [0.0625 mM] [0.5 mM] [1.25 mM] pHs 4-12 done for samples of all three concentrations.

BSA Fluor pH10 emissionsmax.PNG BSA Fluor pH10 integratedemissions.PNG BSA Fluor pH10 emissions0-900.PNG BSA Fluor pH10 emissions1080-4500.PNG BSA Fluor pH10 emissions4680-10800.PNG