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  • Synthesis of new BSA solution from the first day's procedure.
  • Sonication of the HgNO3 solution as it started to precipitate.
    • The settings were 31C for 10 mins. There was still precipitate
    • I added another 5 minutes on the same settings. There was still precipitate.
  • I checked on the mixture that was in the hood from Tuesday
    • The temperature was around 85, not as I planned it to be.
    • The color of the solution was dark as well.
    • turned the variac off, to add the sodium sulfide later
  • Synthesis of Sodium Sulfide
    • FW:240.15
    • to make 4mL of 20 mM of sodium sulfide
      • 240.18g/mol*0.02mol/L*0.004L=0.0192144g
      • 0.0191g was measured
  • Addition of Sodium Sulfide to solution
    • Sodium Sulfide was added to the mixture
    • stirred vigorously for 15 mins
    • no heat involved
    • the final mixture was put in a dark falcon tube and saved
    • The color of the final mixture was still dark.