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  1. The same procedure of synthesis was used. The variac this time was set on 17/100 to match a temperature around 30C.
  2. I added exactly 25 microliter of NaOH.
  3. No reflux reaction was set up for this experiment.
    1. The temperature should not be high enough to have a reflux reaction.

Collection through Precipitation

Dr. Hartings asked to collect through precipitation. When I worked on the QDs last year, about 200mL of chilled ethanol was added to the mixture of about 70mL. The mixture I have now is around 12mL so I only added 17ml of ethanol to 6mL of the solutions (one prepared from HgCl2 and the other from HgNO3). I'm not quiet certain if it is the right procedure or not, so I only used half of the solutions. I did not used chilled ethanol this time. I used ethanol on the shelf. I left the falcon tubes in the fridge to get cold.

Dr. Hartings also asked to start a "hot injection" synthesis. I'm not quiet familiar with the process either. I will wait till tomorrow to ask Dr. Hartings.