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I started working this semester, Fall 2014, under the supervision of Dr. Hartings, with James and Eleni on Quantum Dots again. The project was started last semester in Chemistry-571, however not enough results were collected. This semester we will be working on synthesizing QDs again using Mercury instead. The procedure is according to Synthesis of NIR-Emitting, Tunable HgS Quantum Dots and their Applications in Metal-Ion Sensing..


  • 5mL of 5mM HgNO3--HgNO3 was not fully disolving so HgCl2 was used instead
  • 5mL BSA (15mg/mL)
  • final pH around 9 (adjusted by 1M NaOH)--The pH was around 10 in this reaction. Not enough calculations were taken when adding the NaOH.
  • The variac was set on 55/100, temperature is around 115C
  • vigorous stirring
  • stir for 8-12 hours, till color is pale yellow
  • Eleni followed the same procedure, however her solution was left in room temperature
  • The nitrogen gas and the water supply under the hood was all set for the reflux reaction.


Calculations for the HgCl2 and for the BSA are from Eleni's notebook

  • HgCl2 in 50 mL of water
  • 271.5(g/mol)*0.005(mol/L)*0.05L=0.067875g
  • BSA in 50 mL of water
  • 50mL*15(mg/mL)*1(g/1000mg)=0.75g
  • NaOH
  • 40(g/mol)*1(mol/L)*0.05L=2g of NaOH pellets.

--1.9905 g were used