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What I did today

  • Recalculated data for the strain of interest to find mistakes in the process.
    • Forgot to swap die orientations in the beginning of the data analysis
    • Reformated data and saved GenMAPP workbook page as a txt file (named 20101202_dGLN3_data_reworked(2).txt)
  • Use in GenMAPP
    • Opened GenMAPP and created a new expression dataset with the newly created txt file
    • When uploaded, GenMAPP reported 94 errors within the dataset.
    • Created color scheme named dGLN3_AH_20101202
      • exported data through the color scheme
      • Tested colors on glucose mapp - they worked!
      • Saved everything in MAPPFinder_gln3-AH file on the desktop
      • Began the process of processing mapps for gene ontology (needs one for every time point at increased and decreased levels)
      • Once all ontology is confirmed, we can begin to find areas of onotolgy that were significantly affected.